Defy Domino Gas Hob


Product code – DHG134
Warranty – 2 Year
Colour – Stainless Steel

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· 2 gas burners
· Front control switches
· Built-in hob to match any Defy eye-level oven
· Stainless steel
· Cast iron pan supports
· Dimensions (L x W x D): 510 x 288 x 75 mm

For a compact, gas-powered cooking solution, the Defy Domino Gas Hob is the ultimate home appliance. Featuring two, quality-crafted cast-iron pan supports, this dynamic built-in cooking unit is able to deliver a precision cooking through the variable burner controls. Simply switch on the device and you’re able to cook your preferred dish through delivery of immediate, and consistent, heat. Defy also provides peace-of-mind through the innovative safety feature which terminates the flow of gas immediately once the flame is extinguished. For those who enjoy a superior cooking experience but don’t require an expansive cooking device, the Defy Domino Gas Hob is a space-saving, time-saving and cost-effective solution.